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watermonster (39K)

· One program, adaptable to individual watering requirements
· 6 zone capacity
· 3 daily start times
· Watering on specific days of the week or odd/even days
· Watering duration's from 1 to 99 minutes
· Easy to use button programming with large, easy to read LCD display
· Quick Reference programming guide on the inside of the terminal cover.
· Limited warranty


· Heavy-duty plastic, U L-listed Material
· Lockable hinged lid for additional safety and tamperproof.
· Thumb lock
· Weather strip gasket for positive seal to keep moisture out.
· External 110-volt line male outlet for easy power connection. GFCI protected.
· Power is supplied by a standard outdoor extension cord connected to the unit.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

· This device protects you against hazardous electrical shock that may be caused if your
  body becomes a path through which electricity travels to reach ground. It automatically
  turns off the power fast enough to prevent injury to an adult in good health


· 3/4" Brass Hose fitting are used for lasting durability.
· Hose Fittings maybe removed for 3/4" pipe connections.

· 30 Day return period from date of purchase.
· WaterMonster warrants to the purchaser of its products for a period of 180 days
  from date of purchase any defective product proved to be caused by faulty materials
  or workmanship, when installed per instructions and used in a normal manner, will be
  repaired or replaced at Watermonster's option at no charge.
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