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watermonster (39K)
WaterMonster is a portable, above the ground automatic sprinkler system,
using the same technology as expensive in-ground systems at a fraction of the cost.

You spend valuable time and money, watering your lawn, outdoor plants, garden or trees. Do you turn the water on and forget to turn it off. How much water is wasted by over watering? That 's dollars out the window. How many times have you gone on vacation, only to return to find your plants dried and dead, from lack of water?

Tired of hand watering your lawn, flower beds or gardens. Let WaterMonster handle your outdoor water automatically. WaterMonster is Portable, adjusting to changing watering requirements. Ready to use out of the box, no assembly required. Just connect your existing lawn and garden hoses, sprinklers and drip systems.

Conventional sprinkler systems cost thousands of dollars to install. WaterMonster saves you money by using your existing garden hoses and accessories.

WaterMonster is portable, ideal for the home gardener.