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monster (39K)
What is a WaterMonster?
The timer and values are the heart of any automatic watering system. WaterMonster contains a timer and 6 valves for controlling the water flow out to the distribution hoses.

What is the difference between an in-ground system and WaterMonster?
There are many differences. However, cost is the biggest difference. There is no hidden installation costs. WaterMonster uses your existing garden supplies. WaterMonster is portable. An in-grround system has no flexibility, to changing watering needs.

Do I need to use all six watering zones?
No, use as many zones as you need. Just program the timer from one to six zones.

Why can't I hook up a single timer and a 6 output manifold?
Water pressure. When the timer turns on, the water is distributed to the outputs zones of the manifold. The output zone pressure, of the manifold, will be divided by the number of hoses connected to the output zones of the manifold. You have lost all your water pressure. Your sprinklers will not cover a large area, or may not work correctly. WaterMonster will turn on one zone at a time. With no loss of water pressure. When the first zones time has expired, the valve close and open the second zone valve, until all the programed zones are completed.

Where is the best place for WaterMonster?
WaterMonster is weather resistant. You can place WaterMonster near your outdoor faucet or 100 feet away. For safety, place WaterMonster in a low traffic area.

What is the best way run my hoses for watering with sprinklers?
Run your hoses along the side your flower beds, walkways or patio. Keeping a hose on your lawn, for extended periods will kill the lawn under the hose.

What type of terrain will WaterMonster work?
WaterMonster will work on all types of terrain, flat plots, slopping grades and hills.